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We’re still reeling from the Rapha Rides for Tohoku event yesterday.  It was amazing and memorable in so many ways!  Someone described the event as “chaos embraced in camaraderie”.

The pre-ride details are here.

We had 104 riders out on the road.  We also had about 20 donations from people that couldn’t make the ride.  Funds raised were just under $3,000.  Rapha is matching this, along with the Ride Studio Cafe; so the Boston area ride raised just under $9,000 for the Japanese Red Cross!  The ride was a remarkable show of local solidarity and support for our friends in Japan.

We have too many people to thank for making this event so great; here are a few thank yous:

The Cue Sheet for Rapha Rides for Tohoku, from the Studio

Thank you John and Pamela Blayley for designing the ride and putting together the cue sheet—and for actually leading a ride of more than 100 people; the turnout was well beyond our expectations.  Pamela and John developed a route that enabled riders to cut the 65-miler short if needed—very smart; they introduced some beautiful well hidden roads to some very seasoned riders; they were consummate professionals throughout the mayhem.

Thank you to the RSC Club and Team members that helped out along the way; you are too many to name but we won’t forget all the work you did to keep the ride organized.  You did the Studio proud.

John Bayley addressing a sea of helmets

Thank you Petar Tomich from Mavic for driving the neutral support vehicle.  From what we’ve heard so far Petar didn’t have to perform any major on-the-road service.  He helped out before and after the event, too.

Most important, THANK YOU Rapha for putting this global event together.  Thank you for inviting us to participate; we’re proud to be partners with Rapha and honored to have ridden in spirit with the other 22 Rapha events around the world during the weekend.

Rolling out from Lexington, MA

Finally, we’d like to thank the Boston area cycling community for showing such ardent support for friends in Japan.  We heard so many kindhearted thoughts for the people of Japan, so much solidarity, and a warm sense of camaraderie.  Thank you to all that represented and donated!  It was moving to see how the Boston area cyclists came together in this very positive way.  We are incredibly fortunate to be part of the Boston cycling community.

Our thoughts remain with our friends in Japan.  Here are some images from one of the rides in Japan.

Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen.  Here is the list of riders and donors.  Our apologies for any typos and omissions.  Let us know if we’ve transposed anything incorrectly.

The Blayleys:  John & Pamela
Tjoru E. Perry
Mike Golay
Michael Gold
Kurt Johnson
Lori Kohls
Brian Doben
N. Atchue
Nick Maggiore
Jason DeVarennes
Anne Noga
Janet Lorang
Roger Cadman
Byron Holt
Arnost Lobel
Matt and Susi O’Keefe
Makus Harald
Julianne Oberle
Emily Smith
Michael Laurin
Megan Curry
Steen Sawyer
Mary Johansen
David Johansen
Ben Reed
Cait Dooly
Douglas Breault
Paul Benson
Jonathan Sainsbury
Gerard Finnegan
Jackie Zider
Kevin Sweeney
Everett Briggs
Todd Rowell
Michele Archambault
Pierre Vanden Barre
Brad Kupa Smith
Uri Halevi
Jon Nable
Barry Greenberg
Mo Bruno Roy
Matt Roy
Mike Weiler
Bill McKenney
Jason Davis
Ken Fallon
Dave Leslie
Barry Shopnick
Mike Taylor
David Chiu
Zach Herlihy
Michael Carrazza
Alex Dossin
Chris Langford
Sean Langford
Jake Cacciapaglia
Dave Nanian
Greg Whitney
Ben Pagano
Chris Jennings
Dan Butler
Dave Warner
Conor McKenzie
Geoff Stein
Teri Carilli
Bob Wolf
Russ Haddleton
Jeremy Blackewicz
Leo Franchi
John Laupheimer
Shannon Madison
Rob Ide
Cole Archambault
Imge Ecker
John Liao
Jen Zeuli
Jim Gomez
Josh Rosenberg
Courtney Cowan
Sergey Andreer
Eric Silva
Erin Morrissey
Terry Brannich
Chris Franson
Mike Shields
Brad Buckley
Bob Roldan
Rebecca Wellons
Members of Mavic Service Courses
Dana Oshiro and Will Leavitt
Andy Schiller
Green Line Velo Team
Katie Steinberg
Ed Medina
Yoshi and Miho
Jim Arigood
Mike Salvatore