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Ogawa Coffee Visiting Ride Studio Cafe

Ogawa Coffee is a very popular roaster of specialty coffee based in Kyoto, Japan. Ogawa is beginning their expansion to the U.S. by way of their first cafe which is opening in downtown Boston this upcoming spring.


Ogawa staff visited George Howell and staff at their roastery in Acton Tuesday. Here George Howell watches a world-class latte art in the making.  

We are excited to host Ogawa this upcoming Sunday, November 9th from 2-4pm. They will be offering samples of their coffee (pourover style) to all who are here who are interested in being part of the tasting session. They are looking forward to talking all about coffee with attendees.

Ogawa is home to two World Latte Art Champions: Haruna Murayama in 2010 and Hisako Yoshikawa in 2013. We are likely to be joined by one of them this Sunday.

Join us for a sneak peak/taste of Japanese specialty coffee before its officially unveiling in Boston this spring!