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What’s Happening in the RSC Club

Thank you for being part of the RSC Club! As a member, aka Cafe Racer*, we want you to know what’s happening here so you can take advantage of all we have to offer and get involved. We also would like to hear your feedback and invite you to create something you’d like to see as part of our cycling community. Is there a ride you’d like to start? Would you like to write for our blog? Is there some product you find particularly awesome that you’d like us to carry? Tell us & we’ll work with you. You’re highly valued and we appreciate you being here.

Check back on this page and we’ll let you know via the Club Page on Facebook when we’ve added something new of which you should be aware.

What’s New  

Special Offers for Club Members

In our quest to keep you informed of anything that can be beneficial to you and your time on the road, we will pass along helpful information and offers. Much of this comes from you, so thank you in advance for filling us in on those people and resources you find most valuable.

Opportunities to Get Involved in the RSC Community

There are many opportunities to get involved and we’re open to ideas you have as to ways you may contribute to our thriving community. We invite you to speak with us at the Studio.

* What is a “cafe racer” and why is this the informal descriptor for our Club members?

The term originated in the 1950s in the UK to describe a type or motorcycle and a style of riding.  The essence is informal street racing that starts and ends at a cafe.  Some types of cafe racing would travel from cafe to cafe; while other races would be out and back, to the same cafe.  This spirit—combining cafes and informal competition is a perfect analogy for the Ride Studio Cafe Club.

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