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Extant Evergreen Bike Size Chart

The Extant Seven bikes designed by Ride Studio provide everything you could want in a bike:  Value, durability, light-weight, high-performance — and to own it today!

Choosing your Extant bike size is the second step, of three, to getting your own limited edition Extant bike.  The first step is choosing your bike model.

The Extant Evergreen is the most versatility performance bike on the market.  With a good set or road wheels, bring the Evergreen on any club ride and see what it can do at town line sprints; you won’t be disappointed.  Swap the wheels to a 40c Clement MSO tire combo and ride your favorite mixed terrain route to a new personal best.  If you’re looking for the best mixed terrain bike on the market, this is it.  How can this bike perform so well on the roads, too?  Ride it and find out.

The Extant Evergreen is available in seven sizes, men’s and women’s kit specs, and includes carefully selected size specific tubesets for each bike size.

Some parts are size specific — to men and women — including crank arm length, stem length, bar width, saddle type, and tire specification.

Evergreen Kit Specification:  Size Specific Parts On Men’s Models

Evergreen Kit Specification:  Size Specific Parts On Women’s Models

Once you’ve chosen your frame size, you have only one step to go:  Choosing your Evergreen upgrades and options.  Or, contact us and we’ll expedite the process for you.

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