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Extant RedSky Options and Upgrades

The Extant Seven bikes designed by Ride Studio provide everything you could want in a bike:  Value, durability, light-weight, high-performance — and to own it today!

Choosing your Extant options and upgrades is the third step, of three, to getting your own limited edition Extant bike.  The first step is choosing your bike model.  The second step is choosing your bike size.

One of the characteristics that makes the Extant bikes so unique and amazing is that we offer optimizations and personalizations that are simple and compelling.  We have 15 kit upgrades and options for the Extant Evergreen.  We offer four categories of optimizations:

  1. Seasons:  Kit upgrades that focus on the season that’s most important to you:  Summer, autumn, winter, or spring.
  2. Optimizations:  These are kits that are fine-tuned to specific types of surfaces and terrains.
  3. Specialty Upgrades:  These include integrated light systems, superlight options, Chris King special edition parts, and more.
  4. Four Wheel Kits:  This is a unique offering that provides you two sets of wheels for very different purposes.  For example, harsh weather & super-light.  Club riding & trail riding.  And much more.

Season-Centric Bike Optimization Packages

Specialty Optimization Packages

The rest of the kit details and pricing will be available on March 19 at 2:00 pm.  Stay tuned.

If you’d like us to contact you once these are live, or if you have any questions before we post, please contact us.


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