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Ride Studio Cafe’s Business Philosophy

One word: Service.

Physical Environment: RSC’s space is an intimate and immaculate 1,400 sq. ft. located at the center of the local cycling scene: Lexington Center. Inside, we’ve designed nearly every piece of fixturing from the ground up; from the Cafe bar to the clothing displays, we’ve imprinted our fanaticism for service on every part of the store.

One-on-one interaction: We focus on one customer at a time. Whether that’s making an appointment for a client for a fitting, or picking up a bike at a client’s house, we treat each customer as the only customer.

The New Standard: We work every day to set the new standard of service and professionalism for the bike and cafe industries. We want to share our experience with—and give back to—these amazing industries. And, we expect that we’re being watched during every step of our work; we set the bar high.

Customization and Personalization: We’ve designed every element of RSC to personalize each customer’s experience. From the food at the cafe—made to order—to the way in which we provide shoe and cleat fittings, we’re focused on providing service through understanding what each client wants and then tailoring a solution to those needs. You need speed? We have it. You need help? We’re here—or wherever you need us.

Connectedness: RSC incorporates a cafe and bike store into one integrated environment. The feel is warm and inviting while also being professional and hyper-focused on service.

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