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Ride Studio Cafe is a friendly, professional, convenient cycling shop and cafe that offers best-in-class services and products.

We’re here to help you and to enhance your riding enjoyment.  What keeps you from riding? What keeps you from riding more often?  Visit RSC and see how we might be able to help; we want to make your ride better!

What Does RSC Service Mean?

RSC’s mission is to create a service experience that has never existed in the bike industry.  We are entirely focused on you.  Here are some examples of RSC’s service-centric world view:

  • Extended Hours: RSC has the longest bike store hours in the Boston area.
  • Fast Expedited Service: We offer a special 24-hour turnaround on most service work. We offer same-day service in some cases.
  • Delivery Service: We’ll pickup or drop-off your bike at your place of work or home—at anytime of the day or night.
  • Personal Shopper: This service is tailored to you, the customer.  We’re happy to make dedicated time for you and introduce you in-person to our high-quality brands and merchandise.  If you’re already familiar with our wares, just e-mail or call us and we’ll set items aside for you, or deliver them.   And once we know your preferences, we can shop for you; and we’ll contact you when we see new items you might like.  Something not available at the Studio?  We’ll special order any item you like and get it to you as soon as it comes in.

What Is Ride Studio Cafe?

Ride Studio Cafe is a unique combination of two businesses: a high-end bike shop and an urbane cafe.  The Ride Studio—the bike shop—integrates elements of a cafe environment: warm, inviting, and friendly.  The Studio Cafe brings cycling culture into cafe culture: there is a friendly energy shared by both our staff and customers.  This creates an environment that welcomes both riders and people who just enjoy a good cup of coffee and a comfortable atmosphere into a friendly, engaging environment.

Ride Studio

The Ride Studio element of RSC is an exceptional bike store unlike any other in Boston. We partner with only best-in-class bike and accessory brands. More importantly, RSC provides the most comprehensive service offerings—and decades of professional experience—in the bike industry. In naming the business, we chose the word “Ride” rather than “Bike” because we focus on “Making your ride better”, not just having a great bike. At Ride Studio we’re completely focused on helping you have a better ride. To that end, the Ride Studio focuses on three tenets:

  • A focus on riding and rider—rather than on the bike as a product.
  • A focus on high-end service and approachability—rather than focusing on laser fitting and power meters.
  • Inclusiveness and engagement. We realize there's an intimidation factor in a high-end studio environment, and we incorporated a cafe setting, in part, as a way to create a congenial and relaxed atmosphere.

Studio Cafe

The Studio Cafe is a unique place. While each element of the cafe supports and enhances cycling culture and the experience of riding, we also serve as a comfortable and friendly meeting spot for coffee enthusiasts. The cafe offers food and drink that is particularly allied to cyclists, but that includes fresh pastries and treats; the cafe is also “Ride Central” as a meeting place for cyclists; but a great alternative for your morning meeting or weekend coffee spot. Locating the Studio in Lexington Center—at the convergence of the Minuteman bike path, Mass Ave., and Waltham St.—makes RSC the perfect spot for any day to begin, wrap-up, or take a mid-afternoon break.

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