Parts and Accessories

RSC offers best-in-class parts and accessories. We only offer items that we use and trust.

One of the many benefits to the Ride Studio Cafe is the personalized experience you get here. When you have a specific need, we have a thoughtful conversation with you about it. We have extensive experience on road, mountain and cyclocross bikes. We have raced at a pro level and we are also recreational riders. Our backgrounds range from 25-years of bike fitting expertise, two decades of engineering, testing and bike design experience as well as uncountable thousands of miles ridden on many kinds of bikes all over the world.

There is a reason we sell what we do. With limited shelf space, we want you to have the items that have the best value. This doesn’t always mean the most expensive ones, just the ones that will maximize your comfort, ease and enjoyment on every ride you’re on.


Bike Computers

We have these for sale on our shelves, charged up ready to go. We know how to use them, and if you want, we’ll show you why these computers are great!

We keep in stock the following models:

  • Garmin 1000
  • Garmin 510
  • Garmin 200
  • Garmin Touring
  • Garmin Touring Plus

We’re adding to this list all of the time and will continually be writing more about the products we’re passionate about. Tell us what you like too!


  • Lazer Cyclone – $45
  • Lazer O2 – $110
  • Lazer Genesis
  • Lazer Helium


Prices from $40-110

Bike Maintenance


Prices from $25 – 160




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