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Focus Cyclocross

We believe that New England is the heart of cyclocross in the United States.  And the Ride Studio Cafe is fortunate to be at the center of New England cyclocross (NECX). We’ve got great ‘cross riding right outside our front door, we’re close to many cross races, and we’ve got great friends on all sorts of cyclocross teams.  One of our favorite teams is Jeremy Powers’ Team Rapha-Focus.  And they’re among the best cross teams in the country.

The Studio chose Focus as our primary cyclocross bike because of their commitment to cross – and their amazing cross bike line.  The Studio carries Focus’ entire cyclocross lineup: from their new disc specific cross racer to their full carbon Mares 1.0.

Mares AX 2.0 Disc

The UCI, the world governing body for cycle racing, has only recently lifted its ban on disc brakes, and already they are available on FOCUS cross bikes. This means the rider has even more control and can brake later.


Mares 1.0

It crossed the pond from Europe to USA and now it’s on the rise again over here.  Cyclocross combines dynamism and fun – and the Mares CX 1.0 is the perfect bike for it.


Come in to learn what Jeremy Powers and the rest of Team Rapha-Focus already know:  a Focus cyclocross bike provides an edge in racing and more fun on the trails.  Focus’ race-proven geometry, their thoughtful kit specification, and – most important – it’s here for a test ride.  We think you’ll agree with Jeremy.

Come ride ‘cross with us.


Photos of Jeremy:  Rapha

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