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The Extant Seven

The word Extant, in this context, means permanent, forever, and immediate.  That’s how we think of these bikes:  Something you’ll have forever, and a bike that is adaptable for whatever future riding plans you have — and that you can have immediately.

The Extant Series is a unique project that we’ve developed with our framebuilding friends at Seven Cycles.  We offer seven sizes of RedSky and Evergreen to cover just about any kind of riding might want to do.

We’ve carefully selected each part on the bike to be a thoughtful balance of light-weight, durability, and high performance.  We’ve also curated upgrade packages to meet your specific riding focus.

What’s more, these bikes are available to take on your maiden ride today!

And, last but not least, the price of Extant Edition titanium bikes starts at $5,495 for a super-durable, fully thought-out kit spec that we know you’ll love.

Three Steps To The Perfect Extant Seven

It takes just three simple and clear steps to be riding the coolest handmade bike on the road and trails:  Choose your bike model, choose your bike size, and define some preferences.  It’s that simple — and unique!

First:  Choose Your Bike Model

Choosing the right model is determined by answering two questions:  What type of surfaces will you be riding?  In what type of weather and climate conditions do you ride?

  • Riding surfaces: Are you riding pure road, 100% mixed terrain, or a combination of both?  We have the right model.  See our table below.
  • Weather conditions: Do you somehow end up riding in the rain a lot?  Do you roll when the sun is out?  It might make sense to choose one of the Extant Season or Weather upgrades.  See below for details.

Next:  Choose your Bike Size

We offer seven sizes of each model — more than many companies — so we know we can fit you well to the Extant of your choice.  We can help you determine your ideal size or you can choose the size based on your own experience.  Let us know any questions.  See our sizing tables on each model page.

Lastly:  Choose An Optimization or Upgrade Package — This is Optional — for RedSky or Evergreen

The standard Extant models are perfect for most types or riding, surfaces, and weather.  However, every rider is different and every ride is different so we offer dozens of upgrade kit options.  Take a look.

That’s the process:  Three steps to having the best, most tailor, most durable bike on the road or trail.  There’s no simpler and faster way to be riding now on the best handmade bikes in the world!  We guarantee it.

Follow the steps to be riding, within days, the best stock bike you’ve ever owned.  Here are all the links to all the details, options, and upgrades:

  1. Choose your bike model:  Evergreen or RedSky
    1. RedSky RMC with the SRAM Rival 22 kit
    2. RedSky UMC with the Shimano Ultegra 6800 kit
    3. Limited Edition RedSky EMC with the SRAM Red eTap kit
    4. Evergreen RTD with the SRAM Rival 22 kit
    5. Evergreen UTD with the Shimano Ultegra 6800 kit
  2. Choose your bike size:  Evergreen or RedSky
  3. Choose any upgrades:  Evergreen or RedSky

Or, contact us and we’ll help expedite the process with you.

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