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George Howell is Live and In Person Talking Coffee @ Ride Studio Cafe
Oct 23 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

George Howell Live at Ride Studio Cafe October 23rd


George Howell is coming to Ride Studio Cafe for a very rare, and very informative evening of discussing coffee. Are you interested in knowing what the difference is between coffee beans? How does the elevation where the bean was grown affect its flavor? How about the humidity and the drying techniques employed by the coffee growers? What is the difference between a Kenyan and Ethiopian, for example? What characterizes light, medium, and dark roasts? How do the various coffee making methods change the flavor of your cup of coffee? What is the lifecycle of a coffee bean from plant to your cup? George will answer these questions and many more.

George Howell was one of the pioneers of the specialty-coffee movement in the United States in the early 1970s. He then founded the Coffee Connection. One Coffee Connection was located in Lexington Center and is still fondly remembered today by residents.

Today, George travels the world looking for the best farms and coffee beans to supply his roastery located in Acton, Mass. He builds relationships with farmers that have committed to the highest levels of consistency and quality, and he is committed to paying for the quality and time they dedicate to cultivate their coffee beans. He holds the best farmers with the highest respect. He buys only the finest regional and single farm-sourced coffees.

Because George spends so much of his time searching for coffee and cultivating relationships with farmers, it is a rare opportunity to find him here in person!

The producers of a LexMedia show entitled “What’s Cooking” are taping George during the evening. They will be airing portions of the evening on LexMedia for a new show entitled, “What’s Brewing?”.  They may also capture attendees on camera, therefore, attendees should be comfortable being on film and possibly being included in the show or in show-related materials.

We hope you join us for this very special evening. We guarantee you’ll never look at coffee quite the same way again after hearing George talk all about it.


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