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The Studio has frequent cycling-related, coffee-related and art-related events. Check out the Calendar for newly added special event rides, parties, exhibitions and many other reasons to drop into the Studio!

Our weekly rides are not posted on this calendar.


Honey Bikes 2015 Product Launch
Mar 7 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Honey Bikes 2015 Product Launch


Honey Bikes is holding their 2015 product launch here at 6pm Saturday, March 7. More details are on on the FB Event Page. Please RSVP below so we have ample food and brews for you!

Honey Bikes is revolutionizing what it is to have a fun ride

Honey is launching their 2015 bikes next Saturday, March 7 at 6pm here at Ride Studio Cafe. Honey knows how to make the biggest splash with their new bikes, colors, schemes, new categories of riding, and brand new component groups. Be part of the 2015 launch to be the first to see all of the new, incredible bikes together. After the party, some of the bikes are going to other places, and a few will remain here to become demo bikes.

They are showing bikes built for this kind of riding and more:

  • Road riding
  • Road racing
  • Cyclocross racing – geared and single speed
  • Gravel riding
  • Randonneuring
  • Adventure riding
  • Fat biking
  • Tandem riding

Honey offers 12 sizes of each model, and each model is purpose-built. This means that Honey selects the best lightweight tubeset for each bike to achieve the ride characteristics ideal for each size and type of bike along with thinking through important details such as ideal tire clearances, cable routing, brake type, rider drop, and so much more.

When you order a Honey from us at Ride Studio Cafe, you choose the components for shifting, gearing, and braking that fit your style of riding, contact points such as saddle and handlebars that fit your body, and you choose from Honey-offered colors and schemes to get the bike that fits you aesthetically.

We love Honey Bikes and are excited to be the host venue to their 2015 launch! We hope you can join us during this very special evening here.

Travel with Cristiano and PuntoTours @ Ride Studio Cafe
Mar 10 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

An Evening with Cristiano of PuntoTours

Cristiano Bonino is a very well-traveled and extremely experienced guide for cycling tours in Italy, Spain, France, and many other countries. Originally from Italy and now residing in Massachusetts, Cristiano offers the Italian experience, a world-view, and exceptional travel experience. A big bonus is that we have him here locally during the non-travel season so he will be here to speak with all who are interested in cycling travel trips Tuesday, March 10 at 7pm. He is preparing a presentation and will have colorful photos of destinations he recommends as the top places to ride your bike.


Cristiano guided our Mallorca trip last year and will again guide an RSC trip to Mallorca this April 12-15. He is also guiding an RSC trip to Corsica September 28 – Oct 4 this year. Below is a photo from the RSC Mallorca group last year: most of the attendees didn’t know each other prior to signing up for the trip. Many of them are returning to travel again with Cristiano and PuntoTours this year.


Please RSVP and join in a lively and fun evening with Cristiano on March 10!

RSC Trip to Mallorca with Punto Tours
Apr 12 – Apr 18 all-day

Email mallorca@ridestudiocafe.com for further information. This is a wonderful 7-day road bike riding trip in sunny and warm Mallorca.

Christmas Day
Dec 25 – Dec 26 all-day

We’re closed. Enjoy the peaceful day!

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