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Join us for the Conjure Road Ride Series: February 27-March 6!

There’s no better way to Conjure a Sunny Spring than riding on the road, together.

The Conjure Road Ride Series (#rscconjure) is our way to bring back a long, full road riding season. Ditch the trainer and let your road bike feel the pavement under its wheels. It is time to remove the cobwebs from our legs – and our bikes – in preparation for longer days and warmer weather.

Road riding in the sun. Photo by Jenny W.

Every day of the Conjure Series, we are hosting a road group ride, led by an RSC Super Domestique who makes sure the pace of the ride stays appropriate for the time of year and road conditions. Every day is a different route. Some of the rides are leaving in the morning, others are midday, some are in the evening to accommodate a variety of schedules.

Conjure Series Ride

The Conjure Series is our largest road ride series of 2016! We had a terrific turnout last year, its inaugural year.

Each day riders can expect free, tasty food either before or after the ride to stay fueled up and warm, ready to ride with other good people who join in. This is a perfect time to make connections with like-minded cyclists to begin the road riding season.

Riding and eating go together, at Haute Coffee in Concord.

The group of a 2015 Conjure ride stopped at Haute Coffee in Concord. Photo by Leon P.

Please Register. Read through to the bottom of the page, there you’ll find a simple registration form. It’s free to register and there are special perks of high value for signing up, too. Details are shared below. We welcome those who haven’t ridden with us before to come out and see what we have to offer for the 2016 season.Screenshot 2016-02-08 19.01.15

Demo an RSC Road Bike

Are you interested in a new bike for the 2016 riding season? Now is the time to demo ride bikes! We’d like it if you use the Conjure rides as a good reason to check out the fun road bikes we offer in preparation for the coming season. Send us an email if you want to demo, we’ll be sure to have you set for the ride(s) you want the bike(s) for.

Conjure Details

When: February 27 – March 6. Two full weekends and 9 days total of group rides. There is at least one ride per day, at varying times.

Screenshot 2016-02-08 19.01.31

Conjure rides prepare road riders for the upcoming spring riding season. The pace is kept at a 15-16mph average. Photo by Leon P.

Where: The rides run in every direction, seeking the best roads to whet our appetites for warm-weather riding. Average of 35 miles, upwards of 50.

Pace:  14-16mph. These rides are about time in the saddle and building a strong base for the warmer seasons. The pace will be brisk enough to stay warm, but we are not seeking any Strava medals just yet. The focus will be moderate distance and pace to reawaken the legs, while taking care of mind and body as we ease back into road riding season. Each ride will have a leader who will keep the average speed of the ride between 14 and 16 mph.Screenshot 2016-02-08 19.02.16

Be sure to familiarize yourself with our Riding Rules. We expect all participants to follow proper cycling rules and etiquette.

Follow us on on Instagram and Twitter throughout the series at #rscconjure

Ride Schedule:

Date Food Start Time Ride Start Time Distance* Route* Description and Miscellaneous Information
Saturday, Feb. 27 8:15 am 9:00 am 43 miles To North Reading Full Special RSC Pancakes with scrambled eggs.
Sunday, Feb. 28 7:45 am 8:30 am 58 miles To Medfield, coffee/food in S. Natick

Far point in Medfield, Natick, return. Food/coffee stop at mile 31 in S. Natick. Some twists and turns many, good long stretches. Expect it to take ~4.5 hours +/- 30 mins.

Biscuits, eggs, fruit salad
Monday, Feb. 29 Post-Ride 12:00 23 miles Staying Local

Lunch ride of 22.6 miles. One big ascent in order to warm up properly.

Grilled cheese sandwiches and lentil vegetable soup
Tuesday, Mar. 1 Post-Ride 10 am 31 miles 31 Miles Including Strawberry Hill & Billerica

This route changes things up just a little from a fairly typical ride from here, through Concord up into and through Carlisle, into Billerica, coming back by way of Bedford. If a stop is needed, Fern’s General Store is on the left at mile 18.5.

Panini of: veggie chorizo sausage, smoked hickory cheddar cheese, tomato on sour dough + arugula goat cheese pasta salad
Wednesday. Mar. 2 Post-Ride 6:15 am 23 miles Conjuring Wednesday Morning Worlds

This is a much shorter, much tamer version of the Wednesday Morning Worlds ride that we run spring through fall. The point of this ride: getting used to waking up early and going on a ride!

The route is a big loop up to Concord, Bedford, and back via the Col de Lexington.

Hot home cooked oatmeal and many wonderful fixings + fresh fruit of many colors and varieties.
Thursday, Mar. 3 Post-Ride 6:15 am 36 miles Conjuring the Espresso Ride

Every Saturday morning, we host a 9am group ride that is currently doing this route. Besides, what could be more appropriate for a 6:15am start than an “Espresso” route?


Sophia’s (amazing) Greek Yogurt with lots of fixings and fresh fruit. Hot French Toast with 100% pure Vermont maple syrup.
Friday, Mar. 4  5:30pm 6:30 pm 24 miles Friday night Flakes

Route tonight will head southward towards Weston and turn north to Concord before returning to Lexington.

Pre-ride cuisine is hot chili and and cornbread.
Saturday, Mar. 5 8am *8:45 am  63 miles To Bolton Orchards *Note the time change. 8:45 is the new start time. Kick-Off for the 2016 Horizon Chasers Ride

Breakfast is french toast, fruit salad, Sophia’s Greek Yogurt – yes, always 100% pure Maple Syrup served here

Sunday, Mar. 6 7:45 am 8:30 50 miles To Harvard

Note route ends early – this keeps the route from intersecting itself. Return to RSC via Mass Ave per usual.

Our specialty pancakes and scrambled eggs

*All routes and distances are subject to change pending weather and road conditions. All rides are planned for the road. Any changes will be updated on this page and on Twitter.

Earn Cycling Currency!

With your registration, you will receive a Conjure Series Ride Punch Card. Track your rides on the card we give you to receive a voucher available exclusively to Conjure riders, for the ability to stretch your cycling dollars when you stock up for the sunny spring season:

Number of Conjure Rides Joined Dollar Value of Voucher Threshold of Purchase Amount to Redeem Voucher*
4 Rides $15 Voucher When you spend $100
5 Rides $25 Value When you spend $150
6 Rides $45 Value When you spend $200
7 Rides $70 Voucher When you spend $300
8 Rides $100 Voucher When you spend $400
9 Rides $150 Voucher When you spend $500

*Vouchers are good through the last day of spring, June 19, 2016. Purchases made between February 27 and June 19 may be summed together, such that the total of purchases count toward the redemption amount.

Share in the Fun

Not a sign of spring. Photo from a Conjure ride in its inaugural year, by Leon P.

Not a sign of spring. Photo from a Conjure ride in its inaugural year, by Leon P.

Aside from having a great time on the bike through riding in the Conjure Series rides, we are running an Instagram contest. Each winner will receive a category-appropriate gift. The gifts we give are quality, enjoyable, and can always be traded for something of equal value if you win something you can’t use.

  • Alliteration: Most alliteration used in a single photograph i.e.  “Savoring sunshine in shorts on Sunday’s @ridestudiocafe spin #rscconjure #rscalliteration **Be sure to use both #rscconjure and #rscalliteration to be considered!
  • Signs of Spring: Most signs of spring in the form of flowers, new growth, animals, etc. photographed during the series 
  • Most Popular: Most popular Instragram post tagged with #rscconjure – the most “likes” wins this category. 

What to Bring:

  • Your helmet
  • Cycling shoes with cleats
  • ID
  • Appropriate cold-weather gear, and plenty of warm thoughts.
  • Lights. Some rides will start or end in the dark. Be sure to fully charge your lights – front and rear.
  • Tool kit including at least one appropriate tube. Come prepared to change your own tire. These are no-drop rides, but you must be ready to do the dirty work yourself.
  • Please be kind, if the roads are wet put on a back fender that covers enough of your rear wheel so that no one has to eat road grit!
  • If you haven’t filled out an RSC Ride Waiver yet, please do so online now so you don’t have to do it at the Studio before the ride.

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