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Fall-Five-stacked-600pxPresenting… The Fall Five

The Fall Five is done and in the books! We had quite a few riders doing some road and some mixed terrain stages. Women and Men are scored separately and on the same scale. The winner receives 50 points and the top 5 score a greater number of points then all riders below that receive 1 less point than the person who rode one place better.

All of the categories competed and prizes won will be posted within the next 2-3 days. We will also post results of Stages 4 & 5. Watch our Instagram for photos and more fun post-Fall Five recap coolness. Congratulations to ALL of our winners (which was everyone who completed the Fall Five and feel great having accomplished that, was no small feat!)

Screenshot 2015-12-11 20.50.02

Screenshot 2015-12-12 06.44.55* At the awards ceremony, the women were in a slightly different order. We’d like to specifically call out April Ricciardone for doing the entire Fall Five on a Fat Bike – that is worthy of a podium position considering most of the stages benefitted those with slightly skinnier knobby tires.

Stage 1 Results

Stage 2 Results

Stage 3 Results

Prizes: Riders are vying for over $1000 in prizes – many of the prizes are being given out based on other criteria other than finishing time. Here are the categories. More will be announced during the after-Fall Five party!

Top 3 Men

#1 wins a men’s Velocio Long Sleeve Wool Jersey

#2 & #3 – Prizes not announced yet

Top 3 Women

#1 wins a women’s Velocio Long Sleeve Wool Jersey

#2 & #3 – Prizes not announced yet

Instagram (use #rscfallfive):

– Best Photo That Captures the Spirit of Fall Five (a bike or part of a bike must be in the photo)
– Best Photo that Shows the Food You’ve Enjoyed to fuel your ride
– Best Off-the-Beaten-Path Photo – with a bike in the photo

Lanterne Rouge – 2 winners

– The top man and woman who savored each stage the longest

The person who shows the most zeal in competing the Fall Five

Prize: Boston’s Cycling Craze book – presented by the author to the winner at the party!

More about the Fall Five:

Five Rides, Seven Days, One Big Party, Countless Prizes

The Fall Five is happening starting Friday, December 4 and running through Thursday, December 10.

What is The Fall Five?

This is a five-stage solo road AND mixed terrain cycling challenge that is open to all riders with gumption. Each rider chooses whether to complete the road stage or mixed terrain stage; mixing and matching is fine! It’s a fun way to extend the riding season, and each stage is a short, intense effort that’ll keep you warm.

Thinking about riding - photo - Rob Vandermark

Thinking about riding. Photo by Rob Vandermark

When is The Fall Five?

  • Ride Stages: The first stage starts on Friday, December 4. The final stage takes place on Thursday, December 10. The first stage may be competed on Saturday, December 5, the final stage may be competed as early as Wednesday, December 9.
  • Party Open to All: Friday, December 11 at 6 pm

Why Ride The Fall Five?

Why? Because of the Five P’s!

  • Party! The Fall Five After Party happens on Friday, December 11. Join us to toast the winners of The Fall Five! Or just to toast. Special food, drinks, and prizes.
  • Prizes: The top three men’s and women’s finishers win some cool prizes! We’ve got some special categories, too, that don’t have much or anything to do with speed, including an Instagram contest. Everyone’s a winner if you roll on all five stages.

There will be over $1,000 worth of prizes to be won by participants!

  • Personal Challenge: Test your fitness compared with others or just test your own mettle on five fun routes.
  • Phun: As with every RSC event and ride, we want everyone to have fun.
  • Promotions Times Five: All participants can get a 10% discount on these five special offers – about $65 of value! RSC Super Domestiques get their additional discount on top of the 10% and a few additional perks!
    1. Stay on the Course: Garmin 1000, 810, 520 or 510
    2. Staying in the Light: Light & Motion Urban 650 or 850 and Superflash rear light
    3. Staying Dry: Race Blades or Origami Fenders
    4. Stay Warm: 45Nrth Winter Gloves
    5. Stay Awake: Cafe Drink Card for five drinks FREE.

How does The Fall Five Work?

We’re riding five stages spread out over seven days. For each stage, you have a few days from which to choose; do the stage on the day you prefer. This is one of the beauties of this solo challenge – ride at your convenience. And, this makes it easier to participate in all five stages.

Stage Date Type Route Distance (mixed terrrain / road)*
Stage 1 Choose a day: Friday or Saturday, December 4 or 5 Prologue Time Trial Now Posted on the Event Page 1.6 miles
Stage 2 Choose a day: Saturday, Sunday or Monday, December 5, 6 or 7 Point-To-Point Now Posted on the Event Page Between 5 and 15 miles
Stage 3 Choose a day: Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, December 6, 7 or 8 Mountain Stage Now Posted on the Event Page Between 4 to 10 miles
Stage 4 Choose a day: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, December 8, 9 or 10 Circuit Will be posted on the Event Page – evening of Dec 7 Between 3 to 15 miles
Stage 5 Choose a day: Wednesday or Thursday, December 9 or 10 Criterium Will be posted on the Event Page – evening of Dec 8 Between 5 and 15 miles
* Exact routes will be posted the evening before the start of the stage so no one is tempted to pre-ride any of the stages. All rides start and end from here with the timer running in areas outside of Lexington Center. Stops and extended descents are not timed – so don’t ride them fast. Riders must use good judgment where it comes to stop signs, traffic, other cyclists, etc.
Ride as fast or slow as you like, everyone  who participates has fun!

Ride as fast or slow as you like, everyone who participates has fun!

  • Join: To participate, register online at http://ridewithgps.com/events/Fall-Five-2015

    • Updates will be posted on the RideWithGPS.com event, and we will email participants.
    • Cost: $30. Please pay here: http://www.ridestudiocafe.com/payment and put “Fall Five” in the description. Registration deadline is December 4.
    • Participants must use RideWithGPS.com to track each day’s results.
  • Upload your daily results to your ridewithGPS.com account by 11pm eastern time.
  • Start at Ride Studio Cafe: Each route leaves from Ride Studio Cafe, and ends back here.
  • Ride Rules:
    • Ride solo. No drafting or pacelines, meaning, no “Group Doping.”
    • Ride safely. We know you do this anyway: adhere to all rules of the road.
    • Agree to and sign the RSC riding waiver, unless you have signed an RSC waiver before, in which case you’re already covered.
    • Ride on time. Ride each stage within its assigned date range. See the table above for details.
      • It is okay to ride two or more stages on a singe day, if the stages’ allowed days overlap.
    • Ride at the time of your convenience. Feel free to ride each stage when the time is right for you, but we ask that you upload the day’s GPS file by the end of the day. Otherwise we can’t guarantee that your time will be tallied.
    • Don’t draft behind road vehicles. No “Transportation Doping.”
    • Use a road bike without aero bars or disk wheels. “Aero Doping” is not a part of The Fall Five.
  • Timing: We’re tallying ride times based on what ridewithGPS.com terms “moving time;” see the FAQ below for an explanation. A points system for each day’s stage results will be employed. This allows us to run both mixed terrain routes and road routes and come up with overall winners – men and women.
  • Rider Discounts: The 10% discount offer for five items is good through Sunday, December 13. See the “Why” section above for details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The questions here have been developed from questions we’re receiving at the Studio.

  • Do I have to have a Garmin GPS unit?

A: No, but you do need to have some GPS device that will record your location while you ride the course. Most SmartPhones have this capability. RideWithGPS.com has an iPhone and Android app.

If you use Strava or another app, you will need to upload the file to RideWithGPS.com so that you will be placed on the Leader Board. Each route has a Cue Sheet associated with it, familiarize yourself with the turns and roads for each stage so it’s not imperative that you have a device that shows you the route.

  • Will you be posting routes in advance?

Yes, but don’t expect them more than 24 hours in advance. Feel free to take a look at them and familiarize yourself with the roads. The cue sheets will be edited by the night before the start of each stage. We will print cue sheets upon request.

  • How are you managing having both road and mixed terrain routes?

We are using a points system for the results on each day. Points are allocated to participants based on their time – more points go to those with the least time on each stage. The mixed terrain riders compete each stage for the points and the road riders compete each stage together. If someone would like to mix up the stages – competing some road and some mixed terrain – that is fine so long as one of each stage is ridden. (For example: rider A competes the first day’s road stage, then on the second stage, chooses the mixed terrain stage 2, then competes road stages 3-5, this is fine.) There are dates given when each stage may be competed. Riding the route outside of the time allotment will lead to that stage not counting toward the rider’s points.

Sara on the first leg - photo - Sara Cushman

Sara Cushman competes – and won – the last Fall Five competition.

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