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Time Again for the Festive 500


What the Festive 500 is All About

Between December 24 and December 31, we are hosting Festive 500 rides to help those who are trying to achieve 500 km of cycling miles during these 8 days to reach their goal.

At this time of year, it’s a bit more of a challenge to log those kinds of miles, but what better time, with the more-than-usual calorie consumption, to ride with others and see just how much fun it is to ride outside in the winter or what we fondly refer to as the Hot Drink Season.

Ride Studio Cafe Hosted Rides

We have seven days of riding planned. We hope you’ll join us for one or all seven. The routes and details are posted below. We will make last minute changes to the routes or start times if conditions make it necessary. If the roads are icy: we’ll still be riding, but we’ll have studs on our tires and hope you will, too. Using the proper equipment and dressing properly is important to have a safe and enjoyable ride. Ask us if you’re unsure how to dress or properly equip your bike.

Snowflake Century!

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Our Snowflake Century is back this year! This is a 100-mile ride whose route is shaped like a snowflake and has Lexington at its center for ease of warming up throughout the ride.

Ride Dates and Schedule

We may make last minute changes to any of these routes OR start times if the weather necessitates it. Check Twitter for last-minute, up-to-the-minute updates.

Day 1: Thursday, December 24. Start time: 9am. Distance: 44 miles. Route: To Stow and back. We close at 2pm, but you’ll be back before then.

Friday, December 25. Christmas Day: No organized ride from RSC, we’re closed, too.

Day 2: Saturday, December 26Snowflake Century! Start time: 9:15am. Distance: 100 miles. Route. Bring lights. It will be a long day in the saddle.

Day 3: Sunday, December 27. Start time: 10am. Distance: ~79 miles. Route: To Essex, includes food stops and avoids most main roads. Bring lights, it is a long ride.

Day 4: Monday, December 28. Start time: 9am. Distance: 54 miles. Route: North to the Ryer’s Store in North Reading.  

Day 5: It snowed early this morning! Many people came on our First Snow Ride – so we’re moving the ride that was scheduled for today to tomorrow.

Day 6: Wednesday, December 29. Start time: 9am. Distance: 59 miles. Route: South to Medfield and back. Great roads, not much traffic on most of the roads, food stop at Blue Moon Cafe. 

Day 7: Thursday, December 31. Start time: 9am. Distance: 45 miles. Route: To Dover.

Start now!

If you want suggestions on how to be comfortable on the coldest days, we ride in all weather and all conditions so we have a lot of thoughts on staying comfortable when it seems impossible. 

Join in the fun and festivities with us! If you have any questions, please email us at festive@ridestudiocafe.com

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