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Strava Sprinter World Premier

at Ride Studio Cafe Sunday, April 7th


The Strava Sprinter

The Sprinter is Strava‘s way of serving athletes in the real world as they do in the virtual world.  They have computers mounted inside for athletes to upload their activities, they have water and nutrition fro GU, Clif, and Skratch Labs.  They plan to use it at events and as an aid station where people are training, for both runners and cyclists. The Sprinter is *brand new* and has chosen to have its inaugural event in Boston and with us this Sunday, April 7th!

The Schedule

7:30am – The Ride Studio Cafe is opening early to accommodate riders with their bikes and coffee The Strava Sprinter will be parked right in front of the RSC to support riders pre-ride.

8:15am – Ride with Ride Studio Cafe race team members (who will ride this at a steady, mellow pace, not fast) leaves for an 80- or 100-mile ride to Mt.  Wachusett. Cue sheets of the ROUTE will be available in case riders want to go it alone (faster or slower than the RSC team) or in small packs without a leader present. There are multiple options to turn back early for a shorter ride. (See route, below.)

9am – Ride Studio Cafe’s coffee ride of 38-miles leaves. Ride is led by RSC club members. Riders will be separated into 3 speed groups of 15mph, 17mph & 18+ mph averages. Strava employees will be joining on this ride. The ROUTE is here, cue sheets will not be available since the ride is led and no-drop.

9:15am – Strava Sprinter will leave to support the 8:15 riders, to be parked at approximately mile 40 and 60.

11:30-12pm – 9am group riders will return to the Studio. Enjoy coffee time with fellow cyclists.

~1-2pm – Strava Sprinter will return to the front of Ride Studio Cafe to continue to support riders coming and going from the Studio for the afternoon.


The Rides

8:15am Ride Route (route notes will be available to riders, GPX & TCX files posted here by Friday)

9am Ride (Ride is guided, GPX & TCX files posted here by Friday)

Riding Rules

All riders are required to read and are expected to abide by These Rules.

Waiver: RSC requires a signed waiver before your first ride. Please fill it out online prior to your first ride.

What to bring:

  • Your helmet, cycling shoes with cleats, and I.D. Riders seem to forget these items more often than you might think.

  • Appropriate clothes for changing temperatures.
  • Tool kit including at least one appropriate tube. You'll be on your own if you have a mechanical so you'll want to bring an entire tool kit.

  • PLEASE BE KIND, if the roads are wet put on a back fender that covers enough of your rear wheel so that no one has to eat road grit!

  • LIGHTS. If there's dim sunlight or if the ride begins or ends when the sun isn't shining. Think blinkies!

Don’t forget

  • Before the ride, if you need any mechanical help, or service of any kind, send us an email and we'll gladly be at the Studio to help with anything you need on the fly.

  • We have demo bikes available if you’d like to try one during the ride. Call ahead so we can have something ready.


If you're driving to participate in the ride, make sure that you do not park in the Lemon Grass restaurant parking lot; you will get towed. Fortunately, there is ample parking in the area--and it is inexpensive.  

By the way, here's where you can find our comprehensive list of weekly rides.

We hope to see you there--or somewhere on the road. If you have questions, email or call (339) 970-0187.




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