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Ride Studio Cafe Indoor Cycling Program

Keep training this winter by spinning indoors on your bike with us this winter!

We are hosting indoor cycling classes twice a week beginning January 3, running through the end of March. Ride in the good company of others guided by instructors who make sure you grow in fitness, improve your riding efficiency, and you’ll get through winter feeling great.

This year, we’re moving the training inside the walls of Ride Studio Cafe. This makes space more limited so it’s more important than ever to sign up early.

Want to see what this is all about? There are two special, free sessions in December – on Tuesday, December 6 & Thursday, December 8. There is limited space so we ask that you choose one night to attend in order to try it out and get familiar with the program. Come to one or both of these to try it out and get a good sample of all of the exercises included over the length of the 12-week program!


The instructors for the structured 12-week program that begins on January 3 are Rick Gilbert and Henry van den Broek of the Ride Studio Cafe Ride Alliance. They have years of experience training cyclists and accomplishing a lot of cycling feats of their own.

Rick and Henry have created a comprehensive program that builds upon itself by developing riders from the first to the last week. If you register for the full program, we are happy to share the detailed training program with you. This program has been really well received the past few years and we have consistently seen people coming out of this training in the spring with fitness they’ve not had before.

Participants must provide their own trainers and equipment**. We will store one trainer per participant if you desire to leave your equipment.

** If you’d like to purchase a trainer from us, we’re offering participants 10% off of a Cyclops Fluid 2 trainer or 10% off the Cyclops Fluid 2 Trainer package (the package includes a Cyclops trainer, two blocks for the front wheel as well as mat, frame protector, skewer, and a DVD training video). We keep Cyclops Fluid 2 trainers and accessories in stock at the Studio.


Two free sessions are offered Tuesday, December 6 and Thursday, December 8. The official program begins the first week in January, 2016.

Sessions will be held from 6:30pm – 8pm every Tuesday and Thursday starting Tuesday, January 3 through the end of March.*

* If there is inclement weather or a session needs to be canceled for extenuating circumstances, the session will be canceled via email to registered participants. Unfortunately, we can’t refund participants for sessions missed or canceled due to weather. We will do what we can to offer make-up sessions or nearby Saturday drop-in sessions on the worst-weather weekends.

Sessions begin at 6:30pm and end no later than 8pm. If you want to arrive early to begin warming up prior to the 6:30pm start, we will have space for you to begin at 6:15pm.


The pricing is simple. It’s $375 for all three months. We are likely to add in Saturdays at no additional cost for registrants for the snowy weekends when instructors have availability.

We have 15 slots available and they will fill up quickly. The first 15 people to register for the full program will be guaranteed a spot. We’ll take additional registrations for a waiting list.

If you prefer to do all Tuesdays or all Thursdays, fill out the registration form. We will confirm with you if there is an even balance of Tuesday-only and Thursday-only participants. The fee for split weeks for all three months is $200.

What to Bring Fluid2_Trainer

Participants are required to bring the following for each session:

  • A trainer (or arrange for trainer use with us in advance). Rollers are acceptable, but may not be stored here. Your labeled trainer and a mat or towel may be stored here.
  • Bring your bike. Bikes may not be stored here.
  • A mat or towel for the floor underneath the trainer.
  • A towel for you (you’ll sweat)
  • Water bottles (two are advised). We have an unlimited supply of well-filtered water and you’re welcome to purchase anything from the Cafe or bike shop prior to the start of each session.
  • A skewer in your rear wheel appropriate for being locked into the trainer. We have these in stock if you need to purchase one.
  • Suggested: a heart rate monitor or power meter of some kind as a way to measure effort. If you are interested in obtaining one of these, we are happy to help you select the right one for the kind of riding you do.

What is Provided

Each session, the instructor will guide your efforts and each is structured to provide adequate warm-up, cool-down and proper intensity. The following will enhance your training experience:

  • Training-appropriate music
  • Personal towels may be borrowed from RSC if you forget your own
  • Fans
  • Water
  • Others to train with: it’s like a group ride without moving anywhere! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner rider or professional, everyone rides at the intensity appropriate for him/her so there’s no falling behind or being dropped…everyone will get better, and stay together!

We expect the class to fill up very quickly. Register early to reserve your spot!

Remember to register for any of the dates you want to attend in December, too. These are free and the best opportunity to see what training indoors is all about!

Questions? Please email us at connect@ridestudiocafe.com

Register now, fill out the form below to save your space!


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