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 Weekly Rides

P1050808Ride Studio Cafe hosts a number of weekly rides. Check out the details of each. We encourage you to come to those which fit your ability and equipment. Let us know if there’s a ride you’d like to see us offer. We offer many special rides and add more recurring rides to our calendar regularly.

If a ride needs to be canceled due to weather or there are other extenuating circumstances, the notice will appear on our Twitter feed.

The Studio’s weekly rides include:

Day & TimeRide Type
*NEW* Wednesdays at 6:30amWednesday Morning Mixed - a Mixed Terrain Morning Ride

Wednesday Morning now means Mixed Terrain. Bring lights and your sense of adventure for this 1.5 hour ride. Details Here
Thursdays at 7:30pmMixed-Terrain Night Ride

Bring lights and your sense of adventure for this 1.5 hour ride. Details Here
Saturdays at 8:20amRedline Road Ride- 18-21 mph for 3-3.5 hours.

Hammer ride, plain and simple.

Fast and focused: This is a drop ride that will test your mettle week in and week out. All RSC Ride Rules apply.

Details Here
Saturdays at 8:45am. Running through fall.Horizon Chasers - Long Road Ride This ride is between 50 and 80 miles weekly (longer as the weather gets nicer), with different routes. Details here.
Year-Round: Saturdays at 9:00amSaturday Espresso Ride - Social road ride of 16-18mph for ~35 miles; two groups, 16.5mph avg and 17.5mph avg. Stated distance will decrease during off-season.
Details here
Sundays at 8:30am - all Sundays in summerSunday Endurance Ride to Ride Headquarters- This is a steady 16-17mph avg for 61 miles. Details
Year-Round: Sundays at 9 amRSC Coffee Road Ride - Fun 14-18+ mph for a little over 2 hours; two or three groups of different speeds
Details here
Year-Round: Sundays at 9:30am, trail conditions allowingMixed Terrain Ride - Be ready for dirt, woods, and some pavement, too. We ride at a moderate pace. Details Here
Women's rides - different times/daysVisit https://groups.google.com/d/forum/women-riders to join the group where women find each other and organize rides to/from here.

Before joining in a group ride, please read the ride rules.



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